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Clipboard04We are happy to be able to offer you the 2nd “Week of Valencia” 2009 in Chicago for this year’s November!

After last year’s tremendous success, we are happy to announce that also this year the event will be offered to our customers again.

See more details about it here and contact us to sign up with your restaurant or store!


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Here is an excerpt of an email from a fan of the Tapas Omelette that made us very very happy!

P1060216“I don’t just like it – I’m obsessed with it!  My daughter loves it too.  I bought it from Costco.  They had a taste demo.   I didn’t try it because of the possibility of contamination from other people but the demonstrater said it was gluten free – but I decided I really should check with the company directly because I like it so much – and just in case she was mistaken.  I’ve been telling everyone about it so Costco will continue to carry it.” Cindy, OH

Yes indeed, the Tapas Omelette is gluten free. The ingredients are only potato, onion, olive oil, salt and pepper. The omelettes are baked in pans just like you would cook your American breakfast omelette.

Visit our consumer website www.solextapas.com

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For Solex, there was never a more exciting time to bring Spain’s artisan foods to the American table than it is now!

Not too long ago our biggest challenge at Solex was to convey the special stories about our ingredients and each producer’s commitment to maintain a certain culture and responsibility in the production of it for over hundreds of years. Today these principles are called “sustainable” and the growing curiousity of chefs, retailers and consumers in ‘real and sustainable food’ allows us to reach more open ears. The attention of certain media is tremendously helpful – like today’s fantastic NRP report about the choice of sustainable sea food consumption.

right biteThanks to the Shedd Aquarium that has promoted the program ‘Right Bite’ to educate consumers on sustainable and endangared sea foods, Chicago’s chefs and consumers have access to the information that is needed if one decides to look not only for the joys of good foods, but also to know about choice in sustainability of sea foods.

In this NPR report, Chef Carrie Nahabedian from Naha explains very well her motivation and approach as a chef to the use of sustainable ingredients.  These points are exactly the reason for the long and wonderful relationship between Chef Carrie and Solex. (She was one of the first in the US to use Jamon Iberico in her menu. Jamon Iberico is not only the most delicate ham, but the animals are treated and raised in a way that it supports to maintain the landscape of “La Dehesa“,  but also the craft and sophisticated food culture of small villages in Spain.)

One of the producers that Solex is very proud to have a close relationship with is Ortiz, a family business with the highest reputation for Anchovies and White Tuna from the Cantabrian Sea. Since 1891, the company is committed to sustainable fishing methods and has never deviated from it.

ortiz sustainable sea food

Ortiz guarantees only to catch tuna by pole, anchovies with net, and sets standards on its fishing quota higher than required. The company’s long-term commitment already sets no interest in overfishing the Cantabrian Sea. Finally, the artisan methods of manual labor intense processing of the anchovies and tunas guarantees the unbeatable quality and flavor, as well as the employment of local families since several generations.
When you enjoy for example the intense aroma of a white anchovy in vinegar from Ortiz, you literally can feel taste this happiness that results of  all the values and commitment put into this little filet.  That is what Solex products from Spain are all about!

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mayor daley 3

Solex JDY Team with Mayor Daley: Ana, Karrie, Eva, Isabel, Richard Daley, Rocio, Guillermo

Eva Trias with Richard Daley

Eva Trias with Richard Daley

Guillermo Trias, Mayor Daley, Eva Trias and Alberto Solis from Fermin

Guillermo Trias, Mayor Daley, Eva Trias and Alberto Solis from Fermin

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