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Nalas - Campaig

The recently announced, “Castilla y León 2010 Campaign” began on May 15 in the town of Green Bay, WI. As hosts for the opening of the campaign, we had the collaboration of our friends and partners, Nalas Fromagerie, cheese experts that made known our products to their loyal clients. Entering Nalas, as they define themselves, transports you into the atmosphere of a small village in southern France, but with the personal touch and extensive culinary culture of our neighbors from the state of cheese, Wisconsin.


Nalas Fromagerie.Last weekend, Solex team members  representatives from the government of Castilla y León and our friends from Nalas, crossed the Pyrenees to settle in central Spain between castles, pigs and artisan cheese producers. In this village in southern Europe, we tasted products like: the best manchego cheese (Senorio de Montelarreina), the robust Zamorano D.O. and “for which to me is being the rookie of the year in USA”, the Covadonga blue cheese, is a blended and fresh cheese on which we will elaborate soon (it deserves an exclusive post!).


.As a perfect compliments to a tasting on a retailer specializing in cheeses, the Marcona Almonds, the Quince Paste and Tortas (Cheese accompaiments) allowed us to experiment with new combinations and complementary flavors … preferred by our customer, are: Manchego cheese with Marcona Almonds and Blue Covadonga with our olives (good ideas for your menus and shelves!).


.By late afternoon, we returned to Chicago even with the taste in our mouths of the Spanish bite, grateful to our partners of Nalas (Allan, Dotty, Pablo …) and satisfied to see their clients with bags full of Solex products ready to enjoy their bit of Spain at home with loved ones.Nalas Fromagerie


The campaign has only just begun,

We will announce our upcoming events in restaurants, retail and distributors,

There’s still time to join us, please contact us if you wish!

Do you know the Region of Castilla y León and its great products?

Please let us know! We would love to hear from you…

Ignacio Arevalo
Solex Business Development Manager
Member of a team focused on our customers,
Member of a team specialist on our products

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La Cabra Verde” is an innovative cheese manufacturer, located in the town of Arcos de la Frontera, Cádiz. Organically produced, they have a raw material of excellent quality that comes from the Payoya Breed Goat, where the most delicious creamy and fresh cheeses are elaborated.

Brought from the wonderful land of Andalucía, Solex presents “La Cabra Verde.” White individual small cheeses, with a creamy and smooth texture and a very fine and pleasant taste. The medals of cheese are dipped in organic high quality extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with spices and herbs, and after consuming the cheese, you can accompany your salads or toast with this tasty olive oil.

In addition to its fabulous taste, it comes in a practical and functional 290 gram glass jar (135g of cheese and 155g of olive oil), and makes the product ideal as an appetizer or as a dressing for your salads.

La Cabra Verde” has been awarded as the “Best Organic Cheese 2009” in Spain.

A unique, different, tasty cheese bathed in the sun of Andalucía… coming soon…

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The objective of this campaign is to PROMOTE and EDUCATE on high quality foods from Castilla y León, the sustainability of its producers and the gastronomic wealth of the region.

The gastronomy of Castilla y León coexists in equal parts, between the traditional cuisine, which keeps intact the recipes and ingredients, and the innovative kitchen, that prevails in most of the restaurants around world.

From its origins, the Castilla y León gastronomy is influenced by the Arab, Jewish and Christian traditions. As a result, the Castilla y León gastronomy is the result of a cultural merger that has developed into a wide range of recipes, each with a different and unique personality shaped by its country´s tradition.

Solex gives you the opportunity to know some of the best products of Castilla y León through this campaign. Join us in this wonderful experience, with products that satisfy the most demanding palates.

Castilla y Leon 2010 Campaign” will be launched in May, June and July with the participation of well-known restaurants, specialized retail stores and gourmet stores in througthout the country.

Solex launches the campaign with the focus in the foodservice channel through a thematic event in approximately 15 restaurants (authentic Tapas & contemporary American). We are honored to support our beloved chefs and help them in their role as “educators”.

At the same time, approximately 5 selected gourmet stores will participate in the campaign to promote a fine selection of foods from Castilla y León with a visible store display, tasting and an educational event in their communities.

Nalas Fromagerie, in Green Bay Wisconsin, presents the most authentic foods from Castilla y León on May 15th.

As you enter the store, you are transported to a small recreation of Spain. A tasting of tradicional Lomo and Jamón Serrano from Salamanca, sheep milk Cheese from Zamora, Quince Paste from Ávila, a super extra Virgin Olive Oil from Soria and Tapas Omelette from Segovia.

Certainly, you will leave the store passionate about what you have just tasted.

Come tour Castilla y León Region Products and Spain with us!

Want to know when and where is the next event? More to come very soon…

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