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Nalas - Campaig

The recently announced, “Castilla y León 2010 Campaign” began on May 15 in the town of Green Bay, WI. As hosts for the opening of the campaign, we had the collaboration of our friends and partners, Nalas Fromagerie, cheese experts that made known our products to their loyal clients. Entering Nalas, as they define themselves, transports you into the atmosphere of a small village in southern France, but with the personal touch and extensive culinary culture of our neighbors from the state of cheese, Wisconsin.


Nalas Fromagerie.Last weekend, Solex team members  representatives from the government of Castilla y León and our friends from Nalas, crossed the Pyrenees to settle in central Spain between castles, pigs and artisan cheese producers. In this village in southern Europe, we tasted products like: the best manchego cheese (Senorio de Montelarreina), the robust Zamorano D.O. and “for which to me is being the rookie of the year in USA”, the Covadonga blue cheese, is a blended and fresh cheese on which we will elaborate soon (it deserves an exclusive post!).


.As a perfect compliments to a tasting on a retailer specializing in cheeses, the Marcona Almonds, the Quince Paste and Tortas (Cheese accompaiments) allowed us to experiment with new combinations and complementary flavors … preferred by our customer, are: Manchego cheese with Marcona Almonds and Blue Covadonga with our olives (good ideas for your menus and shelves!).


.By late afternoon, we returned to Chicago even with the taste in our mouths of the Spanish bite, grateful to our partners of Nalas (Allan, Dotty, Pablo …) and satisfied to see their clients with bags full of Solex products ready to enjoy their bit of Spain at home with loved ones.Nalas Fromagerie


The campaign has only just begun,

We will announce our upcoming events in restaurants, retail and distributors,

There’s still time to join us, please contact us if you wish!

Do you know the Region of Castilla y León and its great products?

Please let us know! We would love to hear from you…

Ignacio Arevalo
Solex Business Development Manager
Member of a team focused on our customers,
Member of a team specialist on our products

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Here is an excerpt of an email from a fan of the Tapas Omelette that made us very very happy!

P1060216“I don’t just like it – I’m obsessed with it!  My daughter loves it too.  I bought it from Costco.  They had a taste demo.   I didn’t try it because of the possibility of contamination from other people but the demonstrater said it was gluten free – but I decided I really should check with the company directly because I like it so much – and just in case she was mistaken.  I’ve been telling everyone about it so Costco will continue to carry it.” Cindy, OH

Yes indeed, the Tapas Omelette is gluten free. The ingredients are only potato, onion, olive oil, salt and pepper. The omelettes are baked in pans just like you would cook your American breakfast omelette.

Visit our consumer website www.solextapas.com

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Guille’s brief summary of an interesting article in El Confidencial:



Adrià presented yesterday another book summarizing his experience as main guest of Art Exhibit DOCUMENTA. Following his own words, ” this book demonstrates that Ferran Adrià, elBulli and the new food movement in general are in love with ART, a field from which the want to learn a lot”. Matt Groeaning, creator of the Simpsons fell in love with this Project (that was defined following Adria experience in DOCUMENTA last year) and created the cover of the book. FERRAN SIMPSON IS ALIVE.





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Take 28 minutes to watch this great conversation and get inspired!
A conversation with Chef Ferran Adria & Chef Jose Andres

For concrete examples and demonstrations of Ferran Adria’s cooking methods visit www.newworldofcooking.com

SOLEX gives you access to the full line of TEXTURA ingredients of Albert y Ferran Adria. Including a newly released DVD with over 84 video instructions on using TEXTURA ingredients.

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Chicago, the SOLEX home-base in the US has more culinary relevance than ever with 7 restaurant nominees, as well 3 food journalists.

Congratulations to amazing 5 of our outstanding customers in Chicago to their nomination for this year’s James Beard Award.

Outstanding Restaurateur: Richard Melman, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises
Outstanding Chef Award: Paul Kahan, Blackbird
Best New Restaurant: Laurent Gras, L20
Outstanding Wine Service: Brian Duncan, Bin 36
Best Chef Grate Lakes: Koren Grieveson, Avec

See here nominated Steve Dolinsky for his Hungry Hound show on ABC, as he reports about famous Jamon Iberico de bellota!

We will be excited to hear on May, 4 who the winners are!

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Something exciting is happening right in front of our eyes!!!

Over the last 3-4 years, Spain is leading the culinary scene with Ferran Adria spearheading the “avant-garde” or “molecular cuisine” movement (nobody wants to agree and commit to a name), and in the same time we see the raising popularity of traditional, ingredients-driven restaurants, inspired by Spain’s Tapas culture.

At Baazar in Los Angeles - picture by Stephani Diani for NY Times

"Traditional Tapas" and "Modern Tapas" - At Baazar in Los Angeles - picture by Stephani Diani for NY Times

In the last few years, most new restaurants showed a strict dichotomy for either one category or the other.  To name a few in Chicago just outside our door: Alinea, L2.0, Publican, and Mercat a la Planxa.

This situation requires a kind of schizophrenia for a company like SOLEX, which is focused on importing and distributing the best foods from Spain. On one hand, we supply gold-medal winning Manchego D.O. with a long tradition of making, and on the other hand Ferran Adria’s products.

When you talk to chefs about Texturas (ingredients for molecular cooking) you never knew if they will vehemently dismiss it or tell you that they are interested but really don’t think they can do it on their menu.

Chef José Andrés is not choosing sides, nor are his diners at Baazar in Los Angeles.

Frank Bruni (NYTimes) writes in his review for Baazar: “Maybe this is the future of molecular gastronomy, which hasn’t caught on to the extent that some of its practitioners might have expected, or at least hoped. At most of the tables around me at the Bazaar, diners were doing what I was: mixing the old-fashioned and newfangled, not choosing sides. And most of those tables, which altogether have more than 200 seats, were full.

Get an impression of the restaurant Baazar with this great audio slide show from the NYTimes!

See the previous post on José Andrés, who is promoting with SOLEX the famous Jamón ibérico of Fermin!

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This is an exciting week for Seattle! Paella Festival at  Taberna del Alabardero in Seattle
It cannot be become more authentic than the 12 Paellas, Chef Pepe has put on the menu for the next 7 days!

155228199_4f4a346ac6_b3 Arroz “A Banda” Alabardero
Saffron Rice Cooked in a Seafood Broth

Arroz Negro con Pulpitos y Calamares
Saffron Rice Cooked with Squid Ink with Octopus and Squid

Arroz de Verduras
Saffron Rice with Vegetables

Arroz de Costillas y Pimientos
Saffron Rice with Pork Ribs and Peppers

Paella Mixta de Pollo, Pescados y Verduras
Saffron Rice with Chicken, Fish and Vegetables

Paella de Pescado y Marisco
Saffron Rice with Fish and Shellfish

Paella de Rabo de Toro, Habitas y Pimientos
Saffron Rice with Oxtail,Broad Beans and Peppers

Paella de Langostinos y Ajitos Tiernos
Saffron Rice with King Prawns and Scallions

Arroz Meloso de Perdiz y Setas
Creamy Saffron Rice with Partrige and Wild

Arroz Caldoso de Bogavante, Chirlas y Mero
Creamy Saffron Rice with Lobster, Clams and

Arroz Caldoso Marinero
Creamy Saffron Rice with Fish and Shellfish

Fideua con Chirlas y Langostinos
Pasta Paella with Clams and King Prawns

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