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Tool and Gadget Envy

I must admit, I’m a sucker for the latest cooking tool, appliance or gadget. A walk through Williams Sonoma, Sur la Table, or Crate and Barrel is like a walk through wonderland. I just know that shiny, beautiful Cappuccino machine would look so cosmopolitan on my countertop. That set of Global knives would tell everyone who steps into my kitchen that I am a professional. That beautiful new ceramic tart dish would make my blueberry tart taste like something you’d serve to the Queen of England.

Jamonero Love

Recently a whole new item has caught my eye and that is the artisan crafted jamonero, or ham carving stand. The Spanish name is so much more interesting than the English one and jamonero is not hard to pronounce. Say it with me… jamonero. The jamonero is the latest tool I have developed a crush on.  It has the warmth and solidity of natural hard wood, the strength of chromed steel, its hand carved acorns provide a touch of artistry and its shape is solid and curvy. What’s not to like?

Ham it Up Like a Professional

The jamonero is an essential tool for presenting and slicing bone-in Spanish Hams. Simply place a beautiful, meaty Iberico Ham (commonly known as Pata Negra) or Serrano Ham on a jamonero for slicing and you can expect a round of applause. My favorite jamoneros are hand crafted in the Salamanca, Spain workshop of Don Paulino and his family. These works of art are made from African Sapele wood, Beech or Walnut accented by the shiniest chromed steel you’ve ever seen. And Don Paulino’s works of art include everything from his small portable jamonero (just in case you need to take your bone-in Spanish ham on the road) to his gigantic rotating jamonero table from which knife wielding Spaniards can slice 6 hams at once.  My favorite jamonero is called Lisboa.  The African Sapele wood gives it the color of autumn leaves and it uses a special rotating clamp that allows me to turn the ham without taking it out of the holder, an ingenious feature that allows me to carve each and every tasty morsel off the ham with ease.

Once this beautiful ham work of art is ensconced comfortably in my dining room, I will have all the tools I need to put on my ham carving show with an Iberico de Bellota ham from Spain as my guest of honor. This time I am sure that my jamonero love will not be an unrequited one. What’s more, it will be a love that I can share with all of my friends as I carve of long thin strips of Iberico ham for them to enjoy.


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The new Tapas Omelette has its debut and we created this fun little consumer page for it! Do you like it? Let us know! VISIT www.solextapas.com 

new consumer website

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FIRST-EARLY ROYAL from Castillo de Canena

It is not a very good extra virgin olive oil! It is so much more than that. It is a new category: Olive Juice

early-royal-with-oil2Its remarkable intense fragrance, flavor and color is the result of a new concept of making premium extra virgin olive oils. Castillo de Canena revived the ancient olive variety “Royal” and crops the oil before actual harvest time. Read here about the whole process and its unique points.

The Royal is limited to only 4’000 bottles per year for an worldwide audience of prize-winning extra virgin oils from Castillo de Canena. We just received our first import of it. I can imagine that it will not last long until we are sold out and have have to wait for 2009 harvest.

Admirers of Castillo de Canena appreciate that the family company (since 1780) is involved in the whole process of creating the extra virgin oils, from the trees and the land. All the experience and know-how results into this great vision for 21st century oils, which is driven by Rosa Vañó and her family.

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SOLEX gives you now full access to all three product lines of Albert y Ferran Adria. Check out this feature website:


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Everybody at SOLEX is extremely excited! Monte Enebro has arrived. Any chef, I’ve showed it the last 3 days has put it immediately on the menu.

Region: Avila / Cheese type: Traditional Fresh Goat / Milk Type: Pasteurized goat / Form & weight: 2lb log

Monte Enebro from Valle de Tietar, Spain

Monte Enebro from Valle de Tietar, Spain

Produced by only one artisanal cheese maker in La Adraba, Monte Enebro is a cheese that is highly appreciated for even those who are not big friends of goat cheese. Its annual production is only around 7.000 pieces. Full-fl avored with a superb texture, has an exotic look mostly because of its glorious moldy rind. Essential to the fl avor, the Penicilium Roqueforti mold gives a unique piquancy to the cheese that is elegantly combined with a lemony almost acidic taste of the perfect white inner paste. When young is a very dense cheese and as it ages acquires a creamier texture. No other goat cheese promotes such an intense experience as Monte Enebro. Like a Grand Reserva wine, this cheese stands by itself, although also goes incredibly well paired with sweets.

Here the link to famous Janet Fletcher’s review in the SF Gate -> link

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