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Spanish Charcuteria PlateThe cheese plate typically gets all of our attention. It’s great with wine and is even offered as a dessert, but what about the charcuteria plate?  A selection of cured meats can be every bit as elegant, flavorful and delicious as a cheese plate. And  Spanish charcuteria has a special place in our hearts. Spain makes so many different types of cooked and cured meats; from the classic Serrano ham to the iconic Iberico ham and from cured pork loin (known as lomo) to chorizos in various sizes. Why not build the perfect charcuteria plate focusing on these gastronomical delights from Spain.  

Okay, so I’m hoping I’ve piqued your interest and convinced you to give the charcuteria plate a try. But what belongs on the perfect Spanish charcuteria plate?   There should be a mix of cooked and air-cured meats, accompanied by a food with some amount of acidity to compensate for the meats’ richness. A combination of Iberico ham, Lomo Serrano, Fuet and Chorizo Riojano would provide a nice selection. For the acidity, consider some Spanish olives. Manzanillas, Gordals, and Arbequinas are the perfect little friends  to come out and play with Spanish meats. And don’t forget some picos and some crusty bread on the side.

Presentation is Everything

The Chartuteria plate is perfect for parties and gatherings of friends. All you need to present the charcuteria plate nicely is an attractive cutting board, a slate tablet or even just a rustic hunk of wood. Make sure you use a platter that won’t be damaged by a knife.  We know that estimating how much meat you’ll need is a challenge, so here are some tips. The more kinds of meat you have, the more people will eat. If you serve only one type of meat, an ounce per person will suffice. With two or three different meats, you’ll want to up the quantity to two ounces per person. For more than three people, three ounces each will do. And if you’ve got a lively group and your party goes on for more than a couple of hours, double these amounts.

This summer why not experiment with your own charcuteria selection? Just pick a ham, lomo and chorizo. Drizzle them with a little extra virgin olive oil and serve them on a wooden tablet along with some marcona almonds, crusty bread, and olives. If you’re feeling inclusive make some room for a little Manchego cheese to accompany these dark meaty beauties. Add some full bodied Spanish red wine and you’re good to go. Take the charcuteria challenge!


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